Save Money, Share Our Cars!

Do you want access to a car but not own one? Are you a transit user? Do you bike or walk almost everywhere in Halifax? Do you not want to own a car or a second car? Then CarShareHFX is perfect for you.

How much money would you save every day, by not owning a car? Don't give up your freedom, just share our cars!

Watch the video to the left to learn how CarShare works!

CarShareHFX has a ready-to-use fleet of cars waiting for your convenience all around the city. Now you can get rid of your car or second car burden, but still have peace of mind, without all the expense of ownership. This environmentally sustainable solution allows you to use our vehicles when you need it, and save the expense of car ownership. It's a no-brainer!

Dynamic Duo
CarShare + Transit

Click the image below to see how you can save on transit passes by being a CarShare HFX member!

See CarShare HFX's new 2015 Price Plans